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We've been renting video production equipment since 1972 and we've always repaired our own camera equipment in-house because we couldn't wait weeks to get a camera back from somewhere else. If you've rented equipment from us, you already know the quality of our service.

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Camcorders Repaired

We repair all of the following video cameras. We do repair other models so please contact us if your model is not listed here.

50% OFF Rentals

Get a 50% discount on rental cameras, as good or better than the one we are repairing for you. See Budget Video Rentals for cameras and rental prices.



Panasonic AG-DVX100b repairsPanasonic AG-DVX100b repairs
Canon XL1 repairs Canon XL1 repairs
Sony HVR-Z1U repairs Sony HVR-Z1U repairs
Sony DSR-PD170 repairsSony DSR-PD170 repairs
Canon XL2 repairs Canon XL2 repairs
Canon XLH1 repairs Canon XLH1 repairs


  • HXR-NX70U
  • PDW-F800
  • PDW-700
  • PDW-F355
  • PMW-F3L
  • HDW-F900
  • HVR-HD1000U
  • DSR-PD100
  • DSR-PD150
  • DSR-PD170
  • HDR-HC1
  • PMW-EX1
  • PMW-EX3
  • HDR-FX1
  • HVR-Z7U
  • HVR-Z1U
  • HVR-A1U
  • DCR-VX1000
  • DCR-VX2000
  • DCR-VX2100
  • DSR-500WS
  • HVR-V1


  • XL1
  • XL1S
  • XL2
  • GL1
  • GL2
  • XL H1
  • XH G1
  • XH A1


  • AG-AF100
  • AG-HVX200
  • AG-HPX500
  • AG-HPX170
  • AJ-SDX900
  • AJ-HDX900
  • AG-DVX100
  • AG-DVX100B
  • AJ-HPX2000
  • AJ-HPX2700
  • AJ-HPX3000
  • AJ-HPX3700


  • GY-HD100
  • GY-HD110
  • GY-HD200
  • GY-HD250

If you do not see your camera
listed, call 800-772-1111


Budget Video Rentals
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Auction Setup
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Do you have equipment to sell? Let us sell it for you on eBay. Depending on the type of equipment, we might even buy it from you outright!

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Dubs and Dupes
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We offer standards conversion from any part of the world in addition to dubbing, CD / DVD duplication, and transfers.

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